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In November an extensive article on BOO and the BOO-project appeared in META, magazine for library & archives. The article is now online on the VVBAD website.

Manuscript, Victor Legley, Radio Play, Musical score, and Luisterspel
Vic Legley's radio play finally to be discovered

The Era of Harmony, a radio play by Vic Legley, had been reported missing for years but has finally been found! We have immediately included the work in our 'Beaux de BOO'. Curious? You can read more about it here.

Manuscript, Marcel Poot, and Operette
Ontdekking van Luna van Marcel Poot

This year marks the 120th anniversary of Marcel Poot's (1901-1988) birth. Poot left behind many autographs in the BOO collection, including a large number of indicatives ('tunes'), several concertos and the oratorio Icare.

Recently, the unique manuscript of the operetta Luna was rediscovered in the collection: Poot wrote this lost youth piece on the occasion of the opening of the Lunatheater (today's Kaaitheater) in Brussels. As the construction of the Lunatheater had been delayed, Luna was premiered in Antwerp in 1931. You can read the whole story behind Luna here.

Relocation BOO Collection

The removal of BOO is a fact! One of the major concerns underlying the BOO heritage project was the less than optimal storage conditions for the collection. The depot where BOO was kept for more than 12 years did not indeed meet the minimum standards for responsible heritage preservation. Now that the music library has reached a safe haven, an important objective of our heritage project has been realised.

The BOO-catalogue continues to grow!

The online catalogue of the BOO collection has meanwhile grown into a database of more than 5000 records. Work by Guy Barbier, Michel Brusselmans, Jean Evans, Paul Gilson and Jef Van Hoof, among others, has been added, alongside arrangements by Francis Bay, Nico Gomez and Marcel Picavet. You can consult the catalogue here.