Light music

Paul Abraham, Jacques Brel, Gilbert Becaud, An Christy, Will Ferdy, Jerome Kern, Louis Neefs, Richard Rodgers,...: these are only a few examples of names that regularly appear in the light music collection.

It is impossible to summarise this collection in a few sentences. The content is very diverse: we find Flemish songs as well as French chansons, German schmaltz and American songs. The collection also contains a wealth of Eurosong songs and medleys.

Many songs were so popular that they were arranged or adapted several times by band leaders such as Francis Bay, Freddy Sunder and Etienne Verschueren. There are also many arrangements by Tony Bauwens, Nico Gomez, Charlie Knegtel, Peter Laine, Gaston Nuyts and Gyuri Spies, among others.

The collection of light music is so extensive that the complete opening up and digitisation of the collection will take several more years.